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Kristopher Woofter reviews the most comprehensive set to date of John Newland’s pioneering paranormal series »

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Paul Corupe revisits the 50s drive-in classic in the wake of a new DVD from Film Chest »

David Bertrand reviews Film Chest’s recent restoration of early Mary Woronov low-budget creeper »

Kier-La Janisse reviews the BFI Flipside release of Andy Milligan’s long-lost NIGHTBIRDS »

Adam Abouaccar reviews Olaf Ittenbach’s THE BURNING MOON »

This deranged director’s cut sadly missed out on a theatrical release back in the day, finding itself instead on video »

Ariel Esteban Cayer reviews Yôichi Nishiyama’s 2005 shot-on-video pseudo-J-Horror, now available from Synapse Films. »

Rodney Perkins examines the bloodshed and ethical abandon of Franco Prosperi’s animals-run-amok film WILD BEASTS »