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Your one-stop shop for KID POWER! books, tees, greeting cards, skateboards and more! »

The Royal Cinema kicks off the new year with Alan Parker’s pint-sized roaring 20s gangster flick BUGSY MALONE on the »

For our KID POWER Book launch at Austin’s Fantastic Fest we played BUGSY MALONE followed by a real pie fight »

Author, film producer,  original Alamo Drafthouse film programmer and Spectacular Optical Editor-in-Chief Kier-la Janisse has curated a massively compelling, distressing, »

Check out the full lineup for both sections here, complete with short synopses for each. »

Deadline extended to July 25th for proposals for Spectacular Optical’s next book, ‘Satanic Panic: Pop-Cultural Paranoia in the 1980s’ »