BLOOD-C: THE LAST DARK, THE ADVENTURE CONTINUES : Or how to make a sequel to a story that’s been taken every which way
Marybel Gervais
(Translation from French: Adam Abouaccar)

The animated film Blood: The Last Vampire arrived with a bang, making its Japanese premiere in 2000. Acclaimed by the public internationally, the film had fans clamoring for more. Several animated series, a few novels and numerous mangas later, Blood-C: The Last Dark is born. It does not claim to be a continuation of its predecessors, but rather a new adventure for Saya, the famed heroine, making it possible for someone unfamiliar with the previous installations to see the film without feeling totally lost. The Blood saga is produced by Production I.G., the same studio that brought us Ghost in the Shell (1995) and Patlabor the Movie (1990). (We are in good hands, my friends!)

For those who may be unfamiliar – or to refresh the memories of regulars, as twelve years have passed since the beginning of the Blood saga – I will bring you back up to speed. In the first film, Blood: The Last Vampire, the year is 1966 and we are in a Japan that is pulling itself out of the devastation left behind by the Second World War. Armed with her katana, Saya, the demon (i.e. Chiropteran) slayer, finds her way to Yokota’s U.S. military base under the guise of a young student to destroy demons that have infiltrated it. The 48-minute long short and its mixture of 2D and 3D animation were written about at great length. In its successor  Blood+, an amnesiac Saya, leads the life of a good little girl with an adoptive family on the island of Okinawa. An altercation with a demon will push her to recall her past and her mission to eliminate all Chiropterans. With her long-time ally, an American named David, she dusts off her legendary sword and claims her destiny.

Blood-C is directed by Naoyoshi Shiotani, who also headed up the animation of Blood+. His work as an animator includes many projects such as Studio Ghibli’s Spirited Away (2001). Along with writers Junichi Fujisaku and Nanase Okawa, Shiotani recounts the new story of Saya. In a Japan where every measure is taken to force young people into an extreme form of conformity through the implementation of various regulations, a group of rebels, named the Surats, roll up their sleeves and try to retaliate. Their retaliation is aimed specifically at Funito Nanahara, a heavyweight politician. The Surats discover that the man leads a secret organization that conducts experiments on humans. When the rebels decide to expose Nanahara’s wrongdoings to the public, they will be attacked by bloodthirsty creatures. Saya and her katana will emerge to help the Surats in spite of herself.

In the same vein as Blood: The Last Vampire and Blood+, Blood-C: The Last Dark is not a sequel per se. Rather, it is a reworking of the stories, or even a new act for the same famous characters. It’s up to you to see how the new adventure of Say,a the last vampire and destroyer of the demonic Chiropterans, will charm you.


BLOOD-C: THE LAST DARK has its international premiere July 20th at 7:40pm and plays again on August 5th at 10:40am in the Concordia Hall Theater. More info on the film HERE.

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Marybel Gervais

Marybel Gervais has written for Spectacular Optical, Sinistre Magazine and Horreur-Web.


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