Opening Night Event:
with post-screening performance by VOWLS (Toronto)
Various Artists | Japan 1972-2009 | 95min.

Wednesday May 5th, 2010 – 8:00pm
Park Theatre – 698 Osborne
Winnipeg, Canada
Admission $10

Co-presented with Best, the best. There is nothing else to say female viagra next day delivery. All the medications one can see in our product lists are generic. the Asian Heritage Society and Into the Music.


Curator Naomi Hocura has brought together the work of 13 established and up-and-coming Japanese animators whose work goes well levitra cialis beyond the realms of popular anime. Featuring some of the most exquisite and unique animation you are likely to ever witness, the lineup includes artists as varied as master puppeteer Kihachiro Kawamoto (creator of the stop-motion epic Book of the Dead), the entomologically-obsessed Akino Kondoh and Kei Oyama, and the hyper-visceral Daisuke Ichiba (the latter of whom is also be represented by an accompanying illustration exhibit at aceartinc. from May 4-26). This screening will be followed by a viagra no rx required reception featuring a live performance by Toronto-based electronic kosmische band VOWLS.

Complete Program:

Naomi Nagata
2010 New Year’s Greeting
30sec (2010)

Kihachiro Kawamoto
The Demon
8min (1972)

Shoji Goto
UMO (Music video for OOIOO)
3min 39sec (2007)

Kei Oyama
5min 15sec (2006)

Naomi Nagata
Komoko-chan’s Coffee
4min 17sec (2008)

K+Me (Kaoru Sato & Jeremy Sanson)
2min 23sec (2008)

Daisuke Ichiba
Animation for Les Religions Sauvages by Le Dernier Cri
2min 34sec (2006)

Shintaro Kago
33sec (2009)

Keita Kurosaka
Worm Story
15min (1989)

Shintaro Kago
Terror of Golf Course
1min 35sec (2008)

Shoji Goto
SOL (Music video for OOIOO)
2min 40sec (2009)

Akino Kondoh
Ladybirds’ Requiem
5min 38sec (2006)

Tomoyasu Murata
Lemon’s Road
13min (2008)

Naoyuki Tsuji
The Place Where We Were
6min (2008)

Mika Seike
Face to Face
8min 42sec (2007)

Atsushi Wada
Day of Nose
9min 31sec (2005)

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Guest Bio: Naomi Hocura does a lot of things; some real, some imaginary. While living in Tokyo for four years she developed a taste for the under-represented under-belly of Japanese art and culture, and is now involved in curatorial projects that bring her discoveries to the public. She manages the newly formed blog/group, ANGURA! (, which coordinates screenings, exhibits and performances of Japanese art from canadain cialis the margins. Naomi lives in Toronto, where she makes long To-Do lists, plays bass in VOWLS, and writes fiction.

About the author:

Kier-La Janisse

Kier-La Janisse is a film writer and programmer, high quality cialis founder of Spectacular Optical Publications and The Miskatonic Institute of Horror Studies. She has been a programmer for the Alamo Drafthouse Cinema and Fantastic Fest in Austin, Texas, co-founded Montreal microcinema Blue Sunshine, founded the CineMuerte Horror Film Festival (1999-2005) in Vancouver, was the Festival Director of Monster Fest in Melbourne, Australia and was the subject of the documentary Celluloid Horror (2005). She is the author of A Violent Professional: The Films of Luciano Rossi (FAB Press, 2007) and House of Psychotic Women: An Autobiographical Topography of Female Neurosis in Horror and Exploitation Films (FAB Press, 2012) and contributed to Destroy All Movies!! The Complete Guide to Punks on Film (Fantagraphics, 2011), Recovering 1940s Horror: Traces of a Lost Decade (Lexington, 2014) The Canadian Horror Film: Terror of the Soul (University of Toronto Press, 2015) and We Are the Martians: The Legacy of Nigel Kneale (PS Press, 2017). She co-edited (with Paul Corupe) and published the anthology books KID POWER! (2014), Satanic Panic: Pop-Cultural Paranoia in the 1980s (2015), Lost Girls: The Phantasmagorical Cinema of Jean Rollin (2017) and Yuletide Terror: Christmas Horror on Film and Television (2017). She edited the book Warped & Faded: Weird Wednesday and the Birth of the American Genre Film Archive (forthcoming), and is currently co-authoring (with Amy Searles) the book ‘Unhealthy and Aberrant’: Depictions of Horror Fandom in Film and Television and co-curating (with Clint Enns) an anthology book on the films of Robert Downey, Sr., as well as writing a monograph about Monte Hellman’s Cockfighter. She was a producer on Mike Malloy’s Eurocrime: the Italian Cop and Gangster Films That Ruled the ’70s and Sean Hogan’s We Always Find Ourselves in the Sea and her first film as director/producer, Woodlands Dark and Days Bewitched: A History of Folk Horror is due out from Severin Films in 2020.


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